The retail section offers a range of fragrant and freshly baked breads ready to take away.

Our bread recipes have been crafted with the skill and consultancy of Italian Master Baker Giuliano Pediconi. Bringing his expertise to Beijing and using only premium Italian flours, Mr. Pediconi has designed a variety of breads that are prepared and freshly baked on site every day.

The main feature that makes our bread unique, in addition to the use of the highest quality ingredients and the freshness, is the natural fermentation process. Naturally leavened bread grows slowly in time (6 to 8 hours TBC), as opposed to yeasted bread that rises quickly through refined, industrially-produced yeasts.

Naturally fermented bread has distinctive and appetizing flavor and texture and, thanks to the slow leavening process, is more nutritious and easier to digest.

Opera Bombana Pastry