Executive Chef Andrea Susto

Andrea Susto: Executive Chef of Opera BOMBANA

At the end of 2020, Opera BOMBANA welcomed new executive chef Andrea Susto, who has trained under Chef Bombana for many years.

Born in the small town of Merano in norther Italy, Chef Andrea has a natural affinity for the culinary arts, including an innate appreciation of high-quality ingredients. After graduating from a well-known culinary training institution in 2008, he went on to study wine, starting his career journey as a certified sommelier in a number of Michelin-starred restaurants. In 2015, Chef Andrea moved to Hong Kong to work with Chef Pino Lavarra’s team at Michelin-starred Italian restaurant Tosca at the Ritz-Carlton. In 2018, he joined 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana as sous-chef, working under the personal guidance of Chef Bombana.

After years working under Chef Bombana, Chef Andrea has inherited his unique culinary philosophy. He has an in-depth knowledge of Italian cuisine, particularly in terms of the selection and use of premium ingredients. At the same time, he has studied and experienced the latest trends in the global food and beverage industry, working hard to strike a balance between tradition and innovation — a hallmark of the Bombana brand. Chef Andrea is committed to building on Opera BOMBANA’s existing foundation as a landmark for Italian cuisine.




Vincenzo Stratoti

Vincenzo Stratoti : Restaurant Manager

Restaurants, as an important facet of modern urban living, are not simply a place to eat; they are also a place where people can experience the culture and customs behind the food they are eating, and connect with each other as well. An experienced restaurant manager with in-depth knowledge of a restaurant’s culture and concept is a key part of this process.

Opera BOMBANA is excited to welcome new restaurant manager Mr Vincenzo Stratoti, who brings with him a wealth of experience across multiple continents, countries, languages, and cultures.

Born into a family of restaurateurs in southern Italy, Vincenzo grew up around diners and tourists from all over the world; communicating with these diverse customers sparked his passion for restaurant management. Later, a desire to see more of the world led him to leave Italy and embark on a career journey that would take him all over the world.

Since entering the restaurant industry in Italy at just 15 years old, Vincenzo has traveled to London, Canada, Russia, and Qatar, before finally settling in China. In 2019, he joined Michelin-starred 8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA in Macau. Now, chef Umberto Bombana has personally chosen Vincenzo to join the Opera BOMBANA team in Beijing. He brings with him diverse experience and a global vision, as well as a deep understanding of Italian food and wine culture.

Having worked in different cities across China, including Shanghai and Macau, Vincenzo has also developed an understanding of local food culture and dining customs. “I joined the BOMBANA family because I am passionate about creating authentic Italian dining experiences for customers around the world. I hope to create an inviting, relaxed environment where Beijing diners can enjoy the best of Italian cuisine.”